Dreama & Oakley Streaming Again!?

Wed 11th May 2016 - 5:16pm : General

In case you haven’t noticed it on my twitter, facebook, or instagram, Dakota and I are back to streaming. We think we fixed our internet issues.

We now have a motorola modem and a nighthawk router and we have not had any disconnection issues with them.

We did have a minor Ddos issue because children think it’s cool to harass people, but we got our ip changed and we are all good now!

We have been streaming runescape and league, plan on streaming some legion too.  On the weekdays 7-9 ish EST and whenever we get around on Saturdays (we have to work around our soccer game schedule)

I promise I will get a more set schedule out for you guys soon. I just didn’t expect this to actually fix our issues.

As you know, I work 9:30-5:30 Monday-Friday so we will not be streaming together those times unless its a holiday, but who knows. You can follow our twitch here:

I would appreciate that so much! And while you’re clicking around hit the follow button on my blog and go subscribe to our youtube (


As always, thank you for your love and continued support. You guys are seriously the best. 


Oakley ★

Oakley ★

Dakota Freelon

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