New League Roster Takes On Olympus Gamerz

Wed 11th May 2016 - 3:46pm

This left us needing to pick up a new League of Legends team to fill the void left by unfortunate departures.  We reached out to our former academy team captained by Giraffe and they jumped onto the FakeOut Nation train and took off.  Since we have picked them up as our main squad they have qualified for Olympus Gamerz under FakeOut Nation. 


They start the tournament Wednesday, May 11th and look to take no prisoners.  We are confident that this league team will continue our commitment of excellence within the Olympus Gamerz league.  




Top Lane: Apex

Jungle: Garritt

Mid: daisyn

Adc: Giraffe

Support: Awol


When we asked Giraffe about what he has thought of his experience so far and qualifying for Olympus Gamerz this is what he said

"Our experience with FakeOut so far has been amazing. Initially we weren't too sure what it was really all about until Oakley had a private discussion with awol (co-captain) and myself; needless to say it hyped my team up tremendously.  I knew at the time I needed to make some roster changes to find the right group of players and eventually I ran into Garritt, and Daisyn crossed paths with us sooner than later. The greatest thing about this team is that we get along great inside and outside of league. and FakeOut is only bringing us closer together as a whole.

When I first mentioned Olympus gamerz hosting a relegation tournament and a league for those that qualified, the first thing everyone on my team said was, "Let's do it." No one questions, "could we do it?" or "are we good enough?" That is when I felt like my search for the perfect roster was finally over. Unfortunately, we did lose our first relegation match to TMG Envy. They were games that in my opinion... could have swayed in either direction but a few misplays is what hurt us. I spoke with the team after our match and there were a few things that went on throughout the game that got in some of our heads. The one thing that stood out to me was that we all felt one thing, even those who didn't know the alumni of FakeOut... we felt ashamed. We felt like we let the alumni players down. It took the team a day or so to finally brush it off of our shoulders. I saw that as an opportunity to preach, "Yes, we did lose and yes we may have let our friends and fans down BUT it's only one game. We have one more match to make it up. Let's show everyone... our friends, fans and every team in the OLS that we're not just scrubs with matching names. Let's show them that we're here to win!" The night of our second relegation match came and we had a "TOUGH" series. The opposing team had to forfeit due to inside issues amongst the team.

Although we made it through we weren't able to show everyone what we are all about just yet. The only people to taste a little bit of what we got is in fact, AM Trauma; the team we play our first week - Wednesday 05/11 at 9PM EST. We ran into them in normals and we definitely showed them what we're all about(Yes we a lot). We're ecstatic to play and cannot  be happier to be a part of the show."

They firmly believe that “They are just doing their job” when they enter the Rift and kick some booty.  So please show them the FakeOut support that they deserve! Come out and watch them play Wednesday May 11th, 2016.


-Peter “Plydon35” Lydon

Plydon35 ★

Plydon35 ★

Peter Lydon

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