FakeOut looks to start Recruiting!

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm : General

Currently we are looking to form a Counter Strike: Global Offense (5 Players & 1-2 Subs), League of Legends (5 Players & 1-2 Subs), World of Warcraft Arena Team (3 Players). Now most of these teams currently will not be considered "Professional Teams" on the circuit persay but here in the FakeOut Family you guys will be to us. You will be on the front lines proving how this community deserves to be renowned as professional gamers. You don't need to be a professional to apply but it is required you have a solid background in the game you are applying for along with experience. You can send in an application to our email if you wish which is There will be a form to fill out later in the forums page of the website but until that is coded just please make sure you add your position, social outreach, streaming capabilities, name, experience, and other details you feel you need to be added. We will respond within the next 48-72 hours so be sure to keep checking your email!

Oakley ★

Oakley ★

Dakota Freelon

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