FakeOut Nation Breathes in Fresh Air

Thu 28th Jan 2016 - 7:22pm : General

Hey! Welcome to a new year and new chapter for FakeOut Nation.

My name is Billy aka EffiGee`1HP and I’m the new content journalist for FakeOut Nation. I Am one of the new staff members brought on to help rebuild and revamp the organization, and as such I will be your narrator unfolding a new chapter in the epic legacy of FakeOut. So buckle up as we blaze a new path driven by a fresh start in 2016 to establish our dominance as a North American gaming Empire.


One of my fellow new bloods to join F.O.N. is Peter aka Plydon35 who has a wealth of knowledge and determination to help fuel and establish our Hearthstone team as well as handling general duties behind the scenes, dedicated to keeping this organization rejuvenating  and building a legacy of success.


Another new addition to the crew is Jared aka Angel, Jared is the newly appointed captain of the CSGO White team for FakeOut, and looks to form a solid roster designed to compete at any caliber and set a standard for success.


Lets not forget those who have stayed loyal to the Nation when so many others were disappearing. Kellen aka Captain who has been our founder Oakley’s right hand man for months, and Captain of our League of Legends team, kept the faith and continued to breathe life into F.O.N. pushing forward alongside of  Alex aka Akon and Jason aka Karrelan to secure a stable 3 man core to build a roster around. They persevered and after an all too real struggle managed to solidify a fluid and driven roster completed by the acquisition of Caleb aka Kram, and David aka Argonaus who continue to excel thru a prominent amatuer LCS style league called Olympus Gamerz League @


We are excited for what this promising new era in FakeOut Nation holds for us and we welcome you to be a part of it. Thru the next coming weeks we will be announcing more exciting news and articles pertaining to F.O.N., as well as the gaming industry itself so join us on the couch for some good times witness the rise of a new Dynasty!


Thank you from all of us!  

                                     #RiseUpNation #FakeOutDynasty  #GOFakeOut  

                                      @FakeOutNation @itsEffiGee @FakeOutCaptain

FakeOut Captain

FakeOut Captain

Kellen Burke

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