FakeOut Nation Signs a Portuguese CSGO Team

Mon 8th Feb 2016 - 4:26am : General

What's up Nation! EffiGee here, we are very excited to announce that after lengthy discussions we have acquired a European Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team. We would like to welcome team MiniBots from Portugal to the Nation!


After being approached by the team's leader José "MISK" Rangel about the possibility  of supporting them, the management team spent several days weighing their options, finally deciding on taking the leap and expanding our arms across the globe. We do this in an effort to showcase what we see as real potential, and give these guys a premier opportunity to gain recognition and focus in an international esports scene.


FakeOut Nation is proud to introduce our FakeOut EU Roster:


José "MISK" Rangel

Guilherme "CarboN" Bastos

André "RaykiNN" Lemos

Cristiano "casN" Novais

Miguel "typhoon" Lourenço


An impressive resume of LAN achievements and CEVO standings give us that tingly feeling thinking about these guys futures, and we can’t wait to watch them prove to the world that they deserve a shot same as anyone. Don’t underestimate the #DarkHorse!


Stay tuned as we look forward to expanding our organization, and crankin’ this shit up a level!

#RiseUpNation #FakeOutDynasty  #GOFakeOut  

 @FakeOutNation @itsEffiGee @FakeOutCaptain


FakeOut Captain

FakeOut Captain

Kellen Burke

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