FakeOut Nation Enters the Paragon Scene

Sat 9th Apr 2016 - 4:25pm : General

The massive community that has built up in these four weeks is insane.  With this being said the first ever Paragon tournament is being held on April 16.  FakeOut Nation is proud to say that we will be fielding a roster at this tournament with hopes of taking home first place.  


Our roster is going to consist of 6 players even though it is 5 players per team.  We are going to use our 6th man as a flex player depending on how things are going.  Our roster is going to consist of Fruitmasterflex, Datguygamer, Frotchhh, Tribes77, Faedolbarrage, and of course the legend himself Plydon35.


All of the players are super psyched here is what some of them had to say about joining the Nation.



“Even though this org was on page two of the recruitment

forum, this organization is going to be a top contender in the

Paragon e-sports scene and I am excited to be given the

opportunity to be apart of it. #Best Support NA”



“FakeOut Nation is going to become a pinnacle org of the Paragon

e-sports scene and we can definitely take home the trophy

on April 16th.”



“I believe I will attain success with you because I am prepared

to work hard, be productive and properly complete tasks

assigned to me”


We at FakeOut Nation are super psyched to join the Paragon Community and we hope our fans will be there to support the team on April 16th.









Twitter: @plydon35



Plydon35 ★

Plydon35 ★

Peter Lydon

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