Introducing #FakeOutFriday's!

Mon 19th Oct 2015 - 8:55pm : General

The FakeOut Nation is proud to introduce #FakeOutFriday's! This community is based around friendship, competition, and good times, and that is exactly what is going to be accomplished every Friday starting at 10p.m. EST! 

Each Friday anyone from the FakeOut community can join our Teamspeak (, and take part in the weekly activities we have planned! For now we plan on running 10-man on CS:GO, which consists of 2 captains from our community choosing 2 teams, and battling it out in a BO3 on our private server! 

In the future we plan on expanding this from just CS:GO, and start incorporating League of Legends custom 10 mans as our community grows. If you have any suggestions for an activity that you would like to see on the #FakeOutFriday list, maybe some CS:GO Dodgeball?, then just shoot us a message on Twitter @FakeOutNation and let us know! 



Vinny Frogameni

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