Extra Life 2015 Twitch 24Hour Charity Event

Sat 7th Nov 2015 - 6:11pm : General

We are getting into the Twitch Extra Life 2015 Charity 24 Hour Fundraising event!


I need you to MAKE SURE that before we are live that you post this on every social media you have available to you! Post it on your Facebook, have your mom & dad share it on their facebook, post it on twitter, instagram, anything you can get your hands on to post it do it! Explain that it’s for Charity to Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio to help fund research for medicine. Also explain we are shooting for a goal of $500.00 to be raised. Tell them this event has been so successful as to fuel Hospitals worldwide with over $17,000,000.00 so far!


We have paid $15.00 for the Organization to be considered a Platinum Level Sponsor and we will be apart of Twitch’s Stream Team doing so.


Given we reach the $500.00 goal we get a Silver 2015 Extra Life Medal to have showcased on our website! (Because we will be taking a picture of it haha).


Now we can go for a goal ABOVE $500.00 but I think that the amount is a feasible goal. If we did $1001.00 raised we get a Gold 2015 Extra Life Medal and an EXCLUSIVE chance to play a game that we would be one of THE FIRST to play that and it will be released sometime soon. But that is all totally up to you guys!


We will have it posted EVERYWHERE on our social medias including the website. It’s okay that we don’t achieve a large number of viewers during these time slots all were looking for is to have some fun, show FakeOut Nation is a Charity supporter, and that we just love helping the community anyway possible. Really pull on those heart strings from your family to give any amount possible haha and let them know you love them and that it’s going towards a great cause!


Thank you guys for reading this and taking the time to set up a schedule and have a fantastic 24 hours together! Be sure to round up your friends, have a hell of a time, keep a smile on, and hell just let loose and pound a few beers back if all else, make it fun haha! Maybe shots for every death in League of Legends? Play with a controller on CS:GO? Shotgun a beer for every World of Warcraft Arena lost or won for that matter!


Anyway thanks so much guys and happy fundraising! Twitch Acc:


-Dakota “Oakley” Freelon


Oakley ★

Oakley ★

Dakota Freelon

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