Recruitment of the 47th Ranked NA Hearthstone player

Tue 10th Nov 2015 - 8:55pm : General

Hello there FakeOut Nation fans!


We sat down with the FakeOut Nation Owner and Founder, Oakley to discuss more about this pick up for the Heartstone Team and how he believes it will benefit FakeOut. During the interview many questions were asked but few made it to the actual article. We asked how he believe's a Hearthstone team will help FakeOut. His response "FakeOut is ever growing and to succeed it takes doing what few little have done in short amounts of time, that being expansion on a larger scale. We picked up players and teams on a wide spectrum throughout all our games and Hearthstone definitely wasn't going to be left out. After picking up our League of Legends team we ran into another individual who played World of Warcraft for a long time and in return lead to one of his encounters with Chonqi, our new addition to the Hearthstone team. With a team for Hearthstone it allows for more practice on a more frequent schedule. That being said our players work very hard to strive and be the best. Chonqi is now helping our others players understand different aspects of the game as they help him understand their playstyles".


After speaking with Oakley we got a few things from Chonqi the newest addition to FakeOut Nation. We asked how he believes he will help FakeOut grow and how in return FakeOut will help him. "I believe I can help FakeOut poke their head into the Hearthstone scene by landing top 16 achievements on numerous tournaments and in return I believe they will give me a chance to find these smaller tournaments to hone in my skills. I don't play many tournaments as is so speaking with the other members of the team helps gather a new perspective on the game. Although ladder play has allowed me to get this far I hope that with FakeOut I surpass and sort of skills I have acquired thus far", Chonqi says.


We expect to see great things from the FakeOut Nation Hearthstone team and hope to have you all along side us! Stay up to date with everything FakeOut by following all our social medias found at the top left of our website!

Oakley ★

Oakley ★

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