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  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 10:16am

    Topping the Glycemic Index (GI) foods list at 80 or over are:

    French baguette (95), Lucozade (95), Baked potato (85), Thin From Within Reviews Cornflakes (83), Rice Crispies (82) and Prezels (81) to give a few examples. Glucose is obviously 100.

    So if you are having sugary cornflakes for breakfast, a French baguette sandwich for lunch and baked potatoes for dinner, you are overloading your system with too much carbohydrates, and your chances of losing weight is looking a bit grim.

    On the lower end of the GI scale at under 40, we have:

    Apples (38), wholemeal spaghetti (37), chickpeas (33), dried apricots (31), kidney beans (29), lentils (29) and cherries (22) to name a few.

    So why is a low carb diet menu so important for weight loss?

    When you consume an excess or a large amount of carbohydrates, you body kicks into overdrive and delivers a large dose of a hormone called insulin to deal with all the excessive carbs. This large dose of insulin tends to convert the starch and sugars into fat.


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