TopicManagement Implications Of Personality Disorders

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 5:46am

    Using a computer-linked technology known as Interactive Metronome, ADD/ADHD sufferers participate in a Brain Plus IQ  series of active sessions wearing headphones and following an audio prompt, to undertake an exercise setting off an electronic sensor, the timing of which is measured with accuracy of 100's of a second. The concentration, timing, and rhythm it requires, along with the repetitive nature of the program, stimulates the individual's ability to focus and strengthens the neural pathways. This allows sufferers to become more task orientated in other areas - such as in the class room and at work. This has a profound impact on their ability to be focussed and less disruptive in their behaviour.

    With notable results being achieved after just 12 sessions in both children and adults alike, this new approach to ADD/ADHD management is likely to be welcomed by medical professionals, parents, and teachers here in Australia as it did in the states.

    Certification courses for this technology are held in late April in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for health professionals and educators. Visit for course details and further research information. Home operator courses are scheduled as per demand.


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