TopicCalcium and Eating Healthy

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:35am

    Some of these personalities are procrastination, self-defeat and selfishness. We may also refer to them Reality Bending Secrets as lesser traits of failure. The root always lies within the primary four though.

    All other negative traits can be attributed to one or more of the primary family as the source.

    For example, let's suppose you have a problem with self-confidence. Reaching to discover, then apply ways or thoughts of mind to become more confident may not provide the results you'd expect.

    What you will likely end with is false-confidence, telling yourself to, "be confident." It won't work. You will not feel genuine confidence by hacking at the leaves of the tree. Those you come across will see through the facade. You must attack at the tree's root source.

    Lack of self-confidence is a personality trait of fear. Fear has many faces but only one base emotion. It is the most powerful negative/positive inborn trait known to man, displaying the yin/yang principle at it's truest in natural law.



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