Topic Lose Stomach Fat With CLA - Increase Fat Intake For a Lean Waistline

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:39am

    There are some very significant health implications if you happen The 4 Week Flat Belly Review to fall into the Apple or Pear shaped category, but it is well documented by health professionals that the Apple shape (i.e. carrying excess fat around your tummy), puts you at a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. This is due to the fact that geographically on your body, you are carrying the excess fat much closer to your heart if you are an Apple shape.

    If you find yourself in an overweight situation it is important to find a weight loss solution that will work for you and the way you live your life. We of course live in a society that is saturated by all manner of dieting advice and professionals all wanting you to try 'their latest' regime, gadgets, pills or potions, luring you in with all manner of promises.

    Everywhere you turn there is a bounty of baffling and mind blowing advice to help you whittle down that waist line. I think the key things to remember are that longevity of weight loss should see you losing weight at a steady rate and not unrealistically fast. Losing weight permanently is about making changes for life and adapting your approach to food, cooking and your activity levels (I don't use the word 'exercise' as this often has the connection of having to spend your days sweating it out in a gym!). You can very happily & easily become more active in your day to day by just moving around more in general, walking, gardening, dancing, swimming... just whatever gets you up, on the go and above all else enjoying it. If you don't enjoy your activities or indeed the changed food choices you make, that what chance have you got of making your new way of life permanent.

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