Topic How To Stop Hoarding: Use These Simple Tips To Recovery

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 11:19am

    The blog over at Totally ADD puts it best in their Focus Max post "The Penny Drops." "Why do we struggle with money?... Perhaps the 5 'Payment Due' reminders are buried in the growing hillock of unopened mail in the hallway. Or the bills went to our old home because we forgot to send out Change of Address cards. Or worst of all, we actually have the money to pay but we simply forgot. Again!"

    There are two main ways to tackle this issue: old-fashioned or digital. The old-fashioned way involves some supplies and monthly diligence, without fail. First get a file storage tub, an inbox tray, or a wall-mounted mailbox-whichever you prefer. That holder will be used only and exclusively for bills. Even if you don't open the mail, put anything that might possibly be a bill in that holder as soon as it arrives. Then choose one day a month when you sit down with the checkbook and pay the whole batch at once. Whether it's the first day, the last day, the 13th, whatever, as long as it is an appointment you never break, you will be all set.

    The digital option is to make every bill in your life an automatic online payment. This tactic involves more effort at the start but is almost totally hands-off from then on. Talk to the companies you do business with and get directions straight from them about automatic bill pay. If necessary, you might have to change providers, but that drastic step might be worth it if it saves your credit score. Just don't forget to check in from time to time on the transactions to make sure there aren't any mistakes!

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