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  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 12:19pm

    Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that the signs of ADHD, may not go away. You need to ProtoGen  know that ADHD can continue into the teenage years as well as into adulthood. There are even adults who suffer from ADHD, but because they are older than children they are able to manage it better. You need to not feel bad if your child has ADHD because it is actually one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorders in association to children. The disorder is actually estimated to affect three to seven out of every one hundred children at school. You need to know that although it may be very difficult for you and your child's school to deal with the ADHD, it is actually harder for the child.

    In Part I of Memory and Aging, I explained to you how growing older can affect your memory. I also gave you some brain-healthy things you can do to keep that incredible shoulder-top computer retrieving all its data well into your advanced years.

    Here in Part II, I would like to talk to you about prescription drugs, and the impact they can have on your brain function and your memory. Then we'll talk about some natural supplements and how they can help you retain more of your memory.

    Each category of prescription drugs has a multitude of individual drugs that can be prescribed to you for common ailments like sinus problems, infections, insomnia, nausea, etc. The effects on your memory can range from temporary short-term memory lapses to broad, long-term memory wipe outs.




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