TopicWhat Pomegranate Health Benefits Are Found in That Little Berry?

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 4:52am

    Fast food, candy, chocolate, potato chips, and pizza... these are just  Gaia's Protocol Review  a few of the many temptations that are calling your name. No matter where we go, there are unhealthy foods available. And it can be hard to say no, especially when you are having a craving for a certain type of food. If you are looking to decrease your junk food cravings, it is important to first understand why you are having these cravings in the first place. Junk food cravings can be usually attributed to 2 factors, and many times both factors play a role in the cravings that you are experiencing.

    The first craving factor is a lack of nutrients. Many of our modern foods have been highly processed, so they have been stripped of the natural vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your health. When you are eating nutrient deficient foods, your body will also become nutrient deficient... and a nutrient deficiency usually triggers a response in the brain for you to go eat more food.

    The human body is naturally built with instincts to get the nutrients that it needs, so the desire to eat is a function of survival. If your body is lacking in nutrients, then the survival mode will kick in and you will be compelled to eat more. The second craving factor lies in the ingredients that are added to many foods. Did you know that you can actually become addicted to sugar? Sugar is added into almost every processed food, and those high amounts of sugar cause your body to become dependent on the stimulant.

    So, the addictive cravings will kick in and you will want to eat more. There are other addictive elements in processed foods too, many of them have added chemicals, sodium, MSGs, and other unnatural (and unhealthy!) elements. If you want to decrease your junk food cravings, the best way to go about it is by completely cutting out the junk food and replacing it with whole foods that contain high amounts of nutrients that your body needs. The first few days will be hard, because your body will be going through withdrawals. But, stay strong! Because once the cravings go away, you will feel so much better!



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