TopicLife is like a jug

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 9:48am

    Life is like a juggling, and the speed of change will never catch up, and it will be difficult to understand Marlboro Lights. The changes in life make us wonder. We change with the changes and people are more moody. The last second smiles and the next second is painful. Maybe you are glamorous today, and you will be grayed out tomorrow. It is also possible that you have a wealthy family today and you will be destitute tomorrow. Maybe this year, your friends are not limited. Next year, you have already changed others, maybe you are in the place where you are now, and you don��t know where you are. It may be promised now, and I will never see promises in the future. Life is always a sudden change. It does not follow the common sense, does not follow the chapters, and does not follow the plan. A short-term temporary idea, a short-term temporary plan, then always think that the current will not change. However, everything is just what we imagine. Life is always good or bad, there will be wind when it is sunny, and there will be rain when it is cloudy. The good thing is that the scenery time is another thing that can't be prevented. The years are the trips that have no return. I can't fight for it, but I still remember the past. The scenery that I have walked through, the time I missed, I always want to look back and see the flowers and sometimes the leaves fall sometimes. The dandelion drifting around with the wind seems to be free, but after growing up, it��s far away. It��s far away. If you look at it, it��s too deep. I used to be young and ignorant, uneasy, and now I am calm and self-confident. Gradually, I gradually became more and more gradual. All the way to the scenery is beautiful. The road is curved, the road is curved, and the road is straight. On this road, we took the bus, took the train, took the subway, and walked south through the north. We have been disappointed and desperate all the way, have failed, have had success and have had a hard time coming to this drama, there is no rehearsal, no lines, only we play different roles. We are responsible for the role of life in this position! Probably see how life makes you choose! What is constant is the scenery Parliament Cigarettes. It will only change us. Good or bad, it is a kind of experience, and there is only one reincarnation in life. I know how many philosophers in ancient China, how brilliant Marlboro Cigarettes, and create the most beautiful art civilization in China, but today it has disappeared. Why did China��s original culture go? I think that China has become a student of the West, a believer in Marcus, and where is our own civilization? I don't know, I still guard Chinese culture, I want to transcend Online Cigarettes, I want our own original and original cultural ideas! Really Marlboro Red, we Chinese people only have their own most advanced original culture, and their original ideas can stand proud of the world. We really need it, and we hope that Chinese people will go their own way.

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