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    What is trading and how does it affect the very existence of your cash you have saved over time. Well trading is the act of giving your money for a position in the company or a small piece of ownership in the business. The more you own, the better Mastermind Millionaire Mentoring System position you have and when the company begins to grow and flourish but in the same note the more you can lose fast, on bad decisions and the wrong timing of your purchase.

    It can take you months or years to get a grasp on how the markets work. It's not a week or two process and unless you have a good understanding of the economy well I just simply wouldn't invest period. Every market has some reference to the next.

    Example #1: When there is lack of interest for road construction work, then this means the automobile markets are going to be affected, as well as the road building equipment manufacturers. No road work means less equipment like trucks, tractors, road graders and so on being purchased. Knowing how to decide when it's a good time to buy as markets slump a little and when to sell as the demand increases are points to learn and get a knowledgeable position on. With out structure there is no chance to make a profit worth creating.

    Example #2: When the financial markets collapsed in early 2008 from the burst of the housing bubble it didn't only affect the sales of homes but as the banks began to lose money so did people losing jobs and everything. As the trouble depend many banks froze credit lending. A lot of the home loans that were easy to obtain, now became ghosts. Credit card markets began to raise interest rates on good prospects and lenders began calling in loans and when people couldn't pay it depend the crisis as lenders tried to take gains in a shorter time then waiting to cover. They collapsed themselves and helped fuel the crunch on credit.


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