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  • Tue 25th Aug 2015 - 7:48pm

    **Short Bio:**

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know that today I have decided to progress into or persue more technically a community. And with the start from some of my friends getting this group together I can do just that!

    Now I want to take things on a competitive level but currently I think a better aspect or look/take on this would be to develope a community of friends that get on TeamSpeak and enjoy gaming/hanging out together. Then as the community becomes larger and we can have a steady stream of like-minded/talented individuals we can progress together to make a team or multiple teams and compete under the FakeOut name!


    **Now to give you an idea of what I want this to become:**

    Founded fairely recent, FakeOut sets to become a community for the gamers by the gamers. Where it's not just a team here, we feel it as a family. As a community we want to find those like minded individual's to come together for a common goal. Where it's not just individuals being successful alone, but us as a group collaborating to achieve one goal in our minds, greatness. As we take leaps and bounds over the years to come we hope to help shape players around the continent and those players in return help shape us. As one big collective family we hope you choose us and begin your journey to the top as many others have so far. As always, stay strong, be brave, take risks, and be successful.


    **Becoming an Active Member & Social Media links:**

    We have a website currently with a Forums page on it that you can discuss or talk with others at When you sign up an register you get a black FakeOut logo next to your name as a registered member of FakeOut in our TeamSpeak so others can see your greatness. (_If you have any knowledge of being a forums admin/mod or website designer please let us know!_) Register on there, once you have go ahead and verify your email address. BE SURE TO CHECK SPAM FOLDER FOR REGISTRATION.

    We have a TeamSpeak 3 server as of now with multiple ranks! You and ANYONE else you wish may use this server even if you aren't a registered member of the community! We just strongly encourage you to become one because its free and why not? So be sure to start using it today and talk with the community, we aren't shy I promise!

    **TEAMSPEAK IP:** (If it doesn't work use

    **Community Twitter:**

    Once you've registered on the website, jump into the teamspeak and let a Server Admin know so we can give you your correct ranking! (_The Server Admins have a gold and red crown next to their names_)


    **Current people we're recruiting:**

    We are always on the look out for Staff, Admins, Mods, Recruiters, and other Tech Nerds for the community and development of the community (_Don't confuse that with thinking we don't have anyone currently we just love to always find new potential!_). If you can fill any of these position's please let us know by talking with us in TeamSpeak, E-Mailing us, or posting a thread on our forums page!

    If you would like to shoot an email you are more than welcome! Just send it to:

    **Thank you again guys for taking the time to read this and hope to see you soon!**

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  • Fri 17th Nov 2017 - 7:29am

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