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    Jetblue Airline Reservation Number +1888-9S9-2O11  & Get Best Holiday Deals to  Los Angeles is the center of all events on the famous west coast of the United States. It is the second largest city in the country and one of the largest tourist cities in the United States. This is an excellent center for sports, shows, culture, people, and this bright atmosphere is visible when you travel through this wonderful metropolis.



    This metropolis, located on the Pacific coast of the United States, is one of the most important cities in the country. Home to the famous Hollywood entertainment industry, Los Angeles has become a great tourist destination. The County of Los Angeles is a vast area with some of the best activities and attractions you can visit during your vacation. There are so many different attractions in the city that a variety of tourists will find something for the whole week. Buyers can go crazy in many shopping centers and shopping centers in the city, and gourmets will enjoy a variety of dishes, including the historic farmers' market. For athletes and stadiums, some of the most important sports franchises, such as the LA Stakers Center in Los Angeles and Los Angeles Clippers and Dodger Dodger Stadium, are mandatory places to visit, and do not forget that you pass the beach in Venice ! Los Angeles also has museums with some of the best collections of natural history, including dinosaur skeletons and ice age animals. And, of course, the luxury and sport cars that cross the streets of Los Angeles, as well as the Peterson Museum and the Nethercatt Collection make Los Angeles the highest entertainment city for car enthusiasts. For those who only come to Los Angeles for an unforgettable vacation, the beaches of Southern California are incredible for sunbathing during the day, and the city's nightlife is one of the best in the world! So when you're in Los Angeles, do not worry about anything. A week in this beautiful city will cure all the pain you can experience in life!



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    Getty Centre, Los Angeles


    A huge and fantastic museum of European and American art, with a large number of temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions.




    The Getty Center is the main venue of the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the other is the Getty Villa in Los Angeles. It has an extensive collection and regular exhibitions of works of art from the history of Europe and America. The location of the Getty Center itself is charming, in the mountains of Santa Monica, and high enough that, at the same time, you can admire a magnificent view of the city. The complex also has a beautiful central garden, which is constantly being treated. It is completed by a pond and an incredible expanse of trees and flowers. The museum's collection contains a large number of works of art: paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative and applied arts and even photographs. Most of the permanent collections consist of earlier collections from Europe up to the 20th century, as well as photographs of Asia, America and Europe from the 19th and 20th centuries, divided into 4 pavilions: North, East, South and West. Collections of modern and contemporary art are represented at the Getty Center, outdoors. The Getty Center is more than a museum, there is also a research center that has its own gallery of rare books, manuscripts, photographs and notebooks by the artist. This magnificent museum attracts approximately 1.3 million people each year and is one of Los Angeles' most popular tourist attractions.


    Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles


    Theme Park and Universal Studio, one of the largest film studios in the world. The studio is a great tourist attraction in Los Angeles and is called "Entertainment Capital of Los Angeles".



    When you visit Universal Studios, you will see exhibitions, attractions, games and interactive screens of all your movies, shows, stars and other favourites. The studios are the real representation of almost all the Universal films and shows ever created, such as Springfield Square in The Simpsons, the thematic area dedicated to Ugly Me and the famous Minions, or the recently inaugurated Enchanted World of Harry Potter. Literally check everything you've seen in the Harry Potter movies and take a tour of the entire Hogwarts castle! You will have the opportunity to protect AllSpark from the movie "Transformer" on a 3D tour or visit the Jurassic Park, where the dinosaurs stand out, and you have to save yourself! And, of course, throughout the area of ​​the park you will continue to find your favourite characters from all kinds of movies and shows. All the theme areas of the park contain real goods that were used in the movies, and a one-hour tour of the studio will take you through these numerous exhibitions, as well as to real movie venues. There are thousands of other attractions at Universal Studios, and you will certainly have fun! It is best to make a reservation in advance, since the waiting time can vary significantly.


    Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles


    The Griffith Observatory, one of the leading centres of social astronomy, is a fascinating scientific base and one of the most famous landmarks in Los Angeles and Southern California.



    The observatory is a fun and informal public observatory with a planetarium, an observatory and numerous scientific exhibitions. Some of these exhibitions are extremely innovative, including the Observatory's cafeteria, the restaurant located on the edge of the Universe. On one of its walls, the largest astronomical image ever seen. The facility is divided into 6 zones: the Wilder Gla Hall, the Ahmanson Sky Room, W.M. The Keck Foundation's central rotunda, the space communications, the depths of the cosmic hall and the edge of the cosmic mezzanine. All of these areas are specifically devoted to a specific topic, for example, the spatial communication fantastically shows the history of the Universe, the depth of Gunther, the Depths of the cosmic room, contains models and exhibits on the system solar and space, etc. The Observatory is also the best view of the famous Hollywood sign. The Griffith Observatory was built in 1935 with the funds left by Griffith J. Griffith in his will. He also left instructions on the operation of the observatory and its purpose. These rules are still valid today. Therefore, admission to the observatory is free, although in some special exhibitions, the price increases slightly.


    Nethercutt Collection, Los Angeles


    The Nethercutt collection is an impressive museum of 130 of the largest ancient cars in the world, as well as other ancient articles and interesting objects.




    The Nethercutt collection is a museum that will undoubtedly be of prime interest to an antique collector. The range of exhibits includes cars, furniture, music boxes and tools, as well as collectibles. The most popular possession of the Nethercutt collection is its extraordinary collection of antique and vintage cars. The collection ranges from antiquity from the 1890s to the postwar years of the 1940s and 1970s. The journey begins in the lower cabin, where about 25 cars are exhibited, as well as many other ancient articles, such as boxes music, crystal figurines, dolls, coins, etc. When you go to the Great Hall, you will realize that your name is successful. In this magnificent room, decorated with impressive marble columns, illuminated by crystal chandeliers and even more beautiful in the painted ceiling, the best collection of museum cars of the years 1910 - 30 is conserved. Here you will find Cadillacs, Maybach, Minerva, Duesenberg and many other models of shiny cars. Even the museum's collection of musical instruments is quite surprising, such as complex orchestrations and magnificent pianos. Outside the museum, you will also find a brilliantly restored steam locomotive built in 1937, and a private, custom-made automobile from EJ's oldest daughter Lucky Baldwin, founder of the Santa Anita racetrack.


    Griffith Park, Los Angeles


    Griffith Park is a legendary urban park in Los Angeles, one of the largest in North America and home to many attractions.




    Griffith Park was originally built on land leased by Colonel Griffith J. Griffith to Los Angeles residents and has since expanded considerably through donations and acquisitions. Nowadays it is one of the most popular and important points of Los Angeles. Griffith Park has several attractions. Register "Hollywood", perhaps one of the most famous in the world! Follow the famous Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden. This large campus has tons of animal exhibits and beautiful garden collections. More precisely, nearly 250 species of animals live in the zoo and more than 800 species of plants live in the garden. In the park there is the famous outdoor concert hall, the Greek theater. It is home to some 6,000 people and is one of Los Angeles' most equipped amphitheatres. The famous Griffith Observatory is also located in this park. Ride the bike in the park or horseback majestically. For children, riding a pony is a brilliant and fun activity.


    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles


    LACMA is a huge art museum with the largest collection in the western United States: more than 150,000 works of art, from the oldest to the most modern.



    LACMA, which became an independent organization in 1965, contains an extremely large collection of works of art. The museum offers many permanent exhibitions and a number of temporary art exhibitions, so business is always alive. The museum has several buildings that house various permanent exhibitions. These collections include contemporary art, American and Latin art, Greek and Roman art, Asian art and Islamic art. These works cover all types of art, such as paintings, sculptures and statues, manuscripts and complex works in ceramics and metal, among others. The size of the collection ensures that each form and culture is extremely well represented, both in terms of styles and periods. The museum also has a decent collection of films and photographs, which greatly enriches the experience of visiting the museum. This is a must for art lovers!




    Shopping in Los Angeles


    Los Angeles is one of the major cities in the world so you can buy super luxury brands at local stores. You will find excellent international brands in almost every shopping centre and on the street. If you have the chance to find a sale, you will get great products at great prices. Places like Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice and others make you admire shops, brands and collections. Several international brands have their main stores in Los Angeles, which are certainly worth a visit


    Currency in Los Angeles


    The US dollar is the only currency accepted in Los Angeles. All debit cards, Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as American Express cards are accepted. ATMs are located throughout the city.

    Los Angeles Currency Exchange

    There are many exchange offices in Los Angeles, many of which are located in commercial areas and at the airport. Many of the major banks also offer these services, and rates can vary from place to place. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are usually the best and most convenient way to exchange money, but these are the costs of the first clear international transaction with your bank.

    Los Angeles Daily Budget

    Traveling to Los Angeles is not cheap. Prices in the whole city are quite high, and shops, restaurants and expensive entertainment abound. The only way to get an affordable trip to Los Angeles is to stay in hostels and avoid expensive places such as theme parks and expensive museums. The budget for beginners will cost from 50 to 100 dollars, the average budget will be from 150 to 200 dollars, and a luxurious trip to Los Angeles can cost from 300 dollars per person.


    Los Angeles Religion


    Christianity, Jewish


    Customs in Los Angeles


    Los Angeles is a very mixed and global culture. There are no restrictions or rules regarding what you wear and your behaviour, as in most major cities in the United States. Simple and friendly behaviour - everything you need for a comfortable trip to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is also very welcome to the LGBT community. The board is usually in Los Angeles. Although tips are not required, received with great gratitude. About 15% of the total cost of restaurant food should be enough, and 2 or 3 dollars should be enough if the owners have provided their luggage to the hotels.


    Los Angeles Language




    Los Angeles History


    First, Los Angeles was colonized by the Tongva and Chumash tribes for thousands of years. Colonization began when in 1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, exploring the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean, discovered the colonies and declared them the kingdom of Spain. Spanish settlers, known as "Los Pobladores", created a city (Spanish community) called "People of Our Lady" of the Palace of Nations, where today are Pueblo Square and Olvera Street. These are the oldest parts of Los Angeles. Los Angeles was the object of Mexico after independence, then in the United States after the war between Mexico and the United States in 1847. Then the city began its rapid expansion. He was tied up by rail, oil deposits were discovered, and soon Hollywood arrived in Los Angeles, bringing all the glitz and glamor. During the Second World War, it was extremely important for the United States, because it was the centre of aviation and naval production. The city had only two summer Olympics, which would have been truly profitable in 1932 and 1984. Los Angeles was often the centre of racial tension during the uprisings of 1965 and 1992, the latter being the most important in history. United States. Today, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and a tourist and cultural centre of great attraction.


    Nightlife in los Angeles


    Los Angeles nightlife is world famous. It is one of the largest and most attractive nightlife centres in the entire United States and even the world. For example, parties, discos, bars and elegant lounges. He has it all. For example, in the centre of Los Angeles there is the most fantastic collection of discos and famous bars in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy the perfect cocktail and an evening of ecstasy on the dance floor. You can literally go wrong in Los Angeles when you go out at night. Clubs open until late at night, and the party continues until dawn. In the US, the legal age for drinking and clubs is 21 years.


    Restaurants and local cuisine in Los Angeles


    In Los Angeles, you'll find food in virtually every kitchen in the world. Some of the world's best chefs have their own restaurants here and all the major fast food companies in the world have different stores in the city. There are many local restaurants that serve classic American cuisine, such as steaks and sandwiches, and much more. Some of these joints have a long history and usually include a secret family recipe! You will find many food trucks and delicious hot dogs. Or you can simply grab a donut or burrito while you continue your journey. In Los Angeles, there is too much to try, and it would be unfair to suggest one after the other! Open your tastes, look around you, because the variety of dishes will not disappoint you.


    When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?


    The best time to visit Los Angeles is from March to May, after September to November. These months offer pleasant temperatures and better air quality, as well as fewer crowds. The clear sky is perfect for tourist activities and to visit all the outdoor attractions. The asphyxiating summer temperatures associated with dense smog tend to alienate visitors this season. Surprisingly, Los Angeles receives the most tourists during the summer. The winter months of December and February experience frequent rains and the period from January to April is the least frequented in this southern California city.

    Monthly Weather in Los Angeles


    Avg. Minimum (°C)

    Avg. Maximum (°C)








































    Los Angeles high / high season


    March, April, September and October are the peak months to visit Los Angeles. This is the perfect time to visit the beaches of Los Angeles, because it's nice, it's not too hot, too cold or too wet. Temperatures range from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit these months, making it ideal for fully exploring the city. All outdoor and indoor activities attract tourists from all over the world.


    Los Angels on the shoulder.


    The months of May, June, October, November and December are considered the season of choice for visiting Los Angeles. The city hosts many events, such as the Christmas and New Year celebration in December, Halloween in October, many other parades and events taking place throughout the city. During these months, you can see how many tourists are roaming the city.


    Los Angeles off season


    It is estimated that the months of January, February, July and August will be the low season in Los Angeles. Despite the bad weather these months, like the heavy rains of February, the city still has something to offer. January attracts many Chinese tourists to Chinese New Year; Tourists also flock to Los Angeles to celebrate July 4th. During these months, you should not think twice before going to Los Angeles, but bring a raincoat with you.


    Los Angeles Dry Season (March-October)


    From March to October, the dry season in Los Angeles is taken into account. It's high season to visit Los Angeles because of the clear skies and the warm and pleasant temperatures. The humidity increases for several months, but it is not a problem to explore the city. The temperature during these months ranges from 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. During these months, tourists from around the world flock to Los Angeles to sunbathe, surf the beach or let their child indoors go to Disneyland. Hotels and resorts are booked quickly, so you must book in advance. Flights can be expensive in March, April, September and October, so be sure to book them in advance.


    Events and festivals in the dry season.


    The spring flowers bloom in March and the best way to live it is to go to the poppy reserve of the Antelope Valley.

    In June, one of the largest gay parades in California takes place when the entire city becomes a holiday.

    The Los Angeles Film Festival also takes place in June and moviegoers from all over the world flock to Los Angeles.

    Venice Beach Beach Music Festival, LA Tacos Festival, Long Beach Jazz Festival, Surf Festival, Los Angeles County Fair, and who can forget: Halloween! All this takes place from August to October.


    Los Angeles during the rainy season (November - February)


    November to February, rainy season in Los Angeles. It is said that the beginning of November will mark the beginning of the winter rains in Los Angeles. This does not mean that it rains every day or that storms can be seen. The temperature in November and December varies between 18 degrees Celsius, while in January and February it drops to 12 degrees Celsius. In November and December, there are still many sunny days and pleasant temperatures. From late December to February, it is cold, lugubrious and rainy. Tourists and locals generally avoid spending time at the beach or visiting theme parks during the rainy season and prefer to spend time in Los Angeles. Flights, hotels and resorts offer great deals from January to February. Of course, do not forget your raincoats during the rainy season!


    Events and festivals in the rainy season.


    You can start seeing the gray whale in November from the shores of Los Angeles during their migration.

    In December, L. A. Still full of tourists who come to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Parties, parades such as the Rose Bowl parade and many other unusual celebrations can be seen throughout the city.

    Chinese and Vietnamese New Year are celebrated in January. So, in spite of the cold and the rains, you will be able to see the inhabitants and the visitors of the city, happy to celebrate these days.


    Local Transportation in Los Angeles


    Public transportation in Los Angeles is good, but not too impressive. Metro and public bus are the two most popular forms of public transport. Various companies offer bus transportation in the city, and the metro system operates on 8 lines. Having a TAP card is the easiest way to make payments in these modes. This is a rechargeable card, which is accepted in buses and meters. The best way to get around Los Angeles is to rent a car. This is a very simple task in the city, and the roads are not confusing. However, change traffic and avoid trips during peak hours. Taxis are also available throughout the city, but you will need to reserve them. This makes it very expensive time and money, so renting a car is the best way to get around the city.


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