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  • Mon 12th Feb 2018 - 9:22am

    The different levels of hearing can play a major role in Hearing Sense Recovery  your life. Eating a balanced diet, avoiding drugs where possible and maintaining a healthy bio-system good circulationhealthy blood will all contribute to minimising hearing loss. A good bank balance minimal stress and worry is also a good thing, and although that pretty much goes without saying, you will see why my website is all about those things: health and business combined with a little history helps you to keep your feet on the ground and to enjoy life.Enjoy life! It's a terrific goal, but some effort is required. So let me start by making you feel better.Hearing loss is not unusual in anyone over 60 years old, and affects many younger people. Hearing aids do NOT make you old they solve a problem, and they do it now better than at any time in history.

    Let's do a quick resume of why hearing deteriorates, and how it can affect our daily lives. I shall do this in each of the three main categories of levels of hearing.Over the course of human history the human hearing system has been investigated, examined and is now largely understood. It is evaluated in dBHL Decibel Hearing Level, which is not the same measurement as the Decibel, but similar: it varies from the Decibel sound level depending on the frequency of the sound. In human beings, it is more commonly for us to lose our high frequency hearing first, which has the effect of handicapping us by making speech NOT inaudible we hear speech, but unclear voices may sound muffled or people seem to mumble. This is because the consonants, which effectively punctuate the words we hear, are, in the main, high frequency sounds.


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