TopicGetting Acquainted With Handicap Horse Betting Systems

  • Thu 22nd Mar 2018 - 11:36am

    When the hands-down favorite won't win the race, there Flat Profits will be a huge payout for those who placed win and show wagers. When you make many show wagers and the said situation occurs, there is a huge possibility that you can cash in two or more winning tickets.Any professional punter who has spent most of his life at the racetracks will tell you that record-keeping is part and parcel of horse betting. If you ever want to make money from your bets, you should keep a detailed record of every bet you make and the corresponding results of your wagers.Your records should also reflect the process by which you came to choose on a particular horse and the other conditions that led you to your choice. Aside from this, your notes should also allow you to keep track of your wins and losses during race day.

    Horse betting needs to be studied, much like any other discipline. The notes we make on the racetracks all serve the necessary purpose of allowing you the chance to review your bets so that the next time you handicap a race, you not only have a racing guide in which to base your bets on, you also have your own personal observations about the race, which are often more reliable.Your notes also serve a much more practical purpose. Far too often, a gambler bets on the races to experience the thrill of winning. Unfortunately, when the bank roll starts dwindling, the urge to bet more to get back what was lost becomes all too tempting. Even if chasing losses is a rule that professional bettors always warn against, it is something that most punters have a hard time following. Racing notes help in this regard by allowing you to keep track of your winnings and losses in as logical a manner as possible. Without records, it's all too easy to forget the trail of losses that you have garnered that particular day and focus on the one or two wins to egg you to keep on betting.


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